The roots of bullying

Bullying has been going on for years but how do we stop it if we don’t even know how it starts?

Nearly half of all middle school students say that they have been bullied on school grounds and thirteen percent of high school students say they have been bullied electronically.  These are results from a study done by the Kentucky Department of Education in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control.

Being that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, the Kentucky Department of Education has taken a special interest into bullying and cyber-bullying in schools.  Now that we know that bullying is happening, what source is causing it?  There are many theories but much evidence points to drugs.

Also found in the survey mentioned above, over 12 percent of high school students had taken prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.  Could this be what is causing the bullying?  Well, according to an article from, it might be the cause.  The article gives the statistics of only 1.6 percent not bullied middle school students involved in drugs compared to 11.4 percent middle school bullies involved in drugs.  These statistics are even more shocking in high school: 13.3 percent to 31.7 percent.

It’s hard to believe that so many high school and even middle school students could be involved in drugs, especially so young.  But instead of living in denial of these proven facts, it may be time to take a stand against bullying by first taking a stand against drugs.

The article states “Many schools are mandating anti-bullying programs and policies, and we think they need to take this opportunity to address other forms of deviant behavior, such as substance use.”  Maybe the first step to solving the bullying problem is to stop the drug abuse.  What can you do to prevent this continued abuse in your school system?




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