In class interview

Realizing what matters


Summary: Kelsey Dudding is a public relations major.  She is very interested in travel and cannot stand the idea of the nine to five job.  Her parents and her love for the Lord has led her to decide on this major.

Kelsey Dudding, a Louisville, KY native, is a sophomore at Western Kentucky University.  She is public relations major and a Non-Profit Administration minor.  Many variables have lead Dudding to these choices.

Dudding emphasizes that she is very much against the American dream in the way of material prosperity.  She is not interested in acquiring material things, but more so on just doing something that makes her happy.  She states, “As long as I’m happy, nothing else matters.”

Dudding’s parent’s also influenced her decision of working in public relations.  Growing up, Dudding watched her mother, a schoolteacher, and her father, a businessman working their nine to five jobs everyday.  She saw how stressful and unhappy they were in their careers.  Dudding has much respect for what her parents do and what they’ve done for her, but by observing them, she realized that neither of their career paths were the one for her.  She knows that with public relations and non-profit work, she will be able to travel all over the world, fulfilling her dream.

Dudding says that she used to be somewhat materialistic, which made her parents skeptical of her working in public relations since it is not always a highly paid job.  Although, Dudding is still optimistic that she has chosen the right career path for herself because she has shed her materialistic ways.  When asked how she did this, Dudding responded with “knowing the Lord.”  She explains that in middle school and high school she was caught up in the world and was trying too hard to please others.  Once she became close with the Lord, she realized what really mattered to her: helping people.  This ultimately brought her to her decision of being public relations major.


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