Report Writing Exercise

A. Little Rock Air Force major killed in crash


An Air Force major stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base was killed in a jet aircraft crash at the Super Shopping mall on the western edge of town at 12:00 pm on September 19.

The victim, Rufus N. Hebernoowski, was piloting a jet aircraft when it crashed into the mall’s northern parking lot, destroying fifteen cars in its path.  Herbernoowski died, but no one on the ground was injured or killed.

Herbernoowski had no known connections locally.


B. Bowling Green City Council increases taxes


The Bowling Green City Council is increasing the city property taxes to 10 percent.  This increase will cause average taxes to go up by about $50 yearly.  This will go into effect on October 1.  The tax increase will go towards doubling the size of the city park.


C. Western Kentucky University faculty and staff receive 15 percent pay raise


Harold R. Drazsnzak, Western Kentucky University vice president for finance, made an announcement stating that all faculty and staff will get a 15 percent pay raise.  He says this is possible because of the increased revenues from the state.

The raises will go into effect this fall.  This will be the first raise for the faulty in two years and Drazsnzak says that “Without a doubt, our faculty is long overdue to get a raise.


D. Journalism students plan to boycott classes

The Journalism Student Association of Western Kentucky University met September 19 at 12:00 pm.  There was an attendance of approximately 200 students.

Members decided to organize a boycott of all journalism classes tomorrow to protest university tuition increases.  The tuition is supposed to go up by 10 percent beginning in the spring semester.  Journalism Student Association president, David S. Kuykendall, says “We are confident that all journalism students will boycott all classes.”


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