Writing Assignment #1


Congress should not make any law regarding the creation of religion or banning the free exercise of it.  Congress also should not prohibit the freedom of speech or press. It should give the people the right to assemble in peace and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


There are a lot of important things in Robin Pittman’s life.  The most important, though, is her relationship with her family.  She can come to them with any problem knowing that they will always support her in whatever she does.

They even support her in her bizarre choice of major:  TV/Film Production.  This is something that Robin is very interested in.  She wants to work with music videos, commercials, and public service announcements.  Robin could have easily chosen to be a nurse or a lawyer like her siblings before her, but she has always been interested in the entertainment and artistic field.  She could never see herself sitting behind a desk or drawing someone’s blood.  Her family understands that her career choice may not be the most practical but they still encourage her to follow her dreams, even if her dreams would bring her somewhere different than her siblings.

Robin chose to attend Western Kentucky University to study film instead of choosing the University of Louisville.  This was a hard choice for Robin because all three of her older siblings attended the University of Louisville.  Nevertheless, her family still supports her decision and never makes her feel like a black sheep.  It is situations such as these that make Robin cherish her interests because of her family’s enthusiasm as well as appreciate her family because of their support.


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